Seed Snatcher is a blog , Seed Bank and Google Custom Search Engine dedicated to Seed Snatchers. I hand-pick web pages, blog postings, news articles, forums and websites that cover everything and anything related to garden seeds to include in the search engine. It is very similar to the Google For Gardeners search engine I started a couple of years ago, but instead of being about general gardening information, this one will strictly focus on seeds. You can use it to find information on sowing and saving your own seeds, seed saving groups and seed company history.

Unlike Google For Gardeners, in this search engine the results will include some pages or sites owned and operated by seed merchants. I debated whether I should exclude retail sites in this search engine too but decided to include them. Oftentimes seed retailers provide valuable information for those of us who grow from seed and it seems foolish to exclude websites that contain good information just because they're retail based.  I will only include seed sellers who have taken the Safe Seed Pledge.

Seed Snatcher will always be a work in progress and I invite your input on what web pages, blogs, sites or forums I should include. The more pages it searches the better the quality of information those of us who love seeds will have access too.

What kinds of Seeds?

Any and all seeds. If it grows from seed or produces seeds it will be included and found in the Seed Snatcher search engine.

The Seed Snatcher blog

The Seed Snatcher blog will be a place where I will post anything and everything related to garden seeds that I think would be of interest to other Seed Snatchers out there. It may be historical information, seed gossip, seed IDs, seed arts and crafts or a profile of a seed merchant, seed company or seed packet.

The Seed Snatcher Bank/Library

The Seed Snatcher Seed Bank/Library launched in the Fall of 2010. The seed bank is open to gardeners in the Chicago area who are interested in preserving the genetic diversity of seeds and growing seeds that have been acclimated for growing in Chicago, IL. This Chicago seed bank is open to hobby gardeners, and seed lovers who want to share seeds with similar minded people around the City and nearby suburbs. For more information visit the Wiki for the Seed Snatcher Seed Bank at Chicago Seed Library.