Seed Savers 'Our Seeds' Documentary Free on YouTube

'Our Seeds' is a documentary from Seed Savers that was filmed back in 2008. The nearly hour-long film has been screened all over the world and is now available on YouTube.

 Watch the 'Our Seeds' Documentary


About the 'Our Seeds' Documentary

In September 2008 Seed Savers released their first film, “Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi”, a 57 minute documentary that celebrates traditional food plants the people that grow them. It has been fitted with Chinese Japanese and Portuguese subtitles. There are developed instructive motion graphics and a rich sound track, mostly indigenous music recorded on-location. Audio is English or Pacific Pigin. Subtitles are in English or French. “Our Seeds” has been shown several times on national television in American Samoa and Western Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. Excerpts have been shown on national television in Serbia, Malaysia and Taiwan and Portugal. Indigenous farmers around the world face increasing pressure from agribusiness corporations that push their uniform seeds. Many of these varieties require costly inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilisers. This one hour documentary will help you if you are presenting the idea of a Local Seed Network in your region. Seed Savers directors, Michel and Jude Fanton, shot the film in eleven countries of Europe, Asia and Oceania. It features Pacific islanders who face great challenges: replacing innumerable varieties of root staples with modern hybrids that require pesticides and chemical fertilisers; importing low-quality starch thereby risking losing their resilient food crops.
You can also buy the DVD of 'Our Seeds' from Seed Savers.


Park Seed's Delicious Take on Seed Bombs

After being popularized by guerrilla gardeners the seed bomb is a little ubiquitous. Which is why I'm currently digging these seed Bon Bons by Park Seed. The delicious take on seed bombs come in a variety of, um, flavors. Edible FlowersEdible Tea Garden,Cocktail HerbsItalian Herbs and the Culinary Basil Collection. Just as attractive as a box of chocolates, but these Bon Bons won't go to your Valentine's thighs. 


Ghost Pepper Seeds Available At Renee's Garden

Renee's Garden announced via a Facebook posting that they had a limited number of  'Ghost Pepper' seeds available for sale. Bhut Jolokia, as it is also know, is going to be made available while supplies last through a special arrangement with New Mexico's Chile Pepper Institute. While I could see the appeal of growing the Guinness Book of World Records holder for hottest pepper, I'd be too afraid to try to eat one myself. Braver souls should head over to the the "Ghost Pepper" listing and order while you can (limit three per customer).

Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association Need Donations

OSGATA is asking for support in the form of donations to the "Farmer Travel Fund." What will the donation be used for? According to the association's pledge page:

  • Coordinating the PUBPAT lawsuit against Monsanto’s GMO patents as well as providing information to the public.
  • Defending a farmer’s right to save and trade seed
  • Encouraging the viability of regional organic seed companies
  • Promoting the right to farm, protected from GMO contamination
  • Ensuring the right to true choice in the marketplace for farmers and consumers
  • Establishing protocols for maintaining organic seed integrity and testing seed quality.
  • Protecting farmer developed varieties
  • Developing  and supporting  organic seed standards
  • Encouraging National Organic Program progress toward 100% organic seed

To make a donation visit the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association's website and donate via PayPal