D.Landreth Seed Company To Charge For Catalogs

The commemorative seed catalog for the D. Landreth Seed Company was so popular that the Pennsylvania based seed company ran out of them in six weeks. The 2012 catalog will feature the same historic information as the 2009-2011 catalog but will come at a price. Barbara Melera, the seed company's owner, explains in an email:

"This year we are going to charge for our catalog because we have it printed in the US not in China where it would cost about 25% of what it costs in the US.  The charge is going to be $5.00.  When we printed our Commemorative Catalog it disappeared in less than 6 weeks. We do not believe that this catalog will have quite the audience because it is not free, but we do believe that we will sell out.  We are not planning to print as many catalogs, because there is a charge and many people just will not pay for a gardening catalog."

The deluge of catalogs gardeners experience every spring and fall has conditioned us to see catalogs as something we should get for free. Can you charge for a seed catalog in an age when they're free and available online? I think so. Those of us charmed by the vintage gardening information included in the commemorative catalog will see a value in the 2012 catalog.

Order the 2012 catalog at or Call 1-800-654-2407.

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