Saving Ash Trees By Saving Seeds

The Journal Sentinel has an interesting article on efforts to save ash trees from the emerald ash borer by gathering a diverse spectrum of seeds from these trees. The seed preservation efforts, lead by scientists and train volunteers, began in 2005 in Michigan and will harvest seeds from about 300 healthy ash trees that will be stored at the National Seed Laboratory at Dry branch, Georgia. According to the article once the thread of the emerald ash borer has subsided the seeds will be planted at state nurseries and eventually replanted in their native habitats. It is believed that the seeds will remain viable for 40 years.


Burpee Seeds' Seed Starting Calendar

 Burpee Seed Starting Calendar
Screen grab of Burpee Seed Starting Calendar

Burpee Seeds has a seed starting calendar on their website. The "Growing Calendar," as they call it, allows you to input your ZIP code and it will give you a list of vegetable's you can start by seed and tell you when is the best time to start them indoors, direct sown or when to transplant them into the garden.

At this time the calendar doesn't give you much information on seeds you can start for fall gardening, but it is a useful resource for gardeners who are starting seeds in the Spring. So, bookmark it and come back to it in the winter as you plan out your seed purchases and get your seed starting supplies ready.

I'll be bookmarking the page in the Seed Snatcher Search Engine, which you can also search from the search box to the right of this post, so that I don't forget it later.


D.Landreth Seed Company To Charge For Catalogs

The commemorative seed catalog for the D. Landreth Seed Company was so popular that the Pennsylvania based seed company ran out of them in six weeks. The 2012 catalog will feature the same historic information as the 2009-2011 catalog but will come at a price. Barbara Melera, the seed company's owner, explains in an email:

"This year we are going to charge for our catalog because we have it printed in the US not in China where it would cost about 25% of what it costs in the US.  The charge is going to be $5.00.  When we printed our Commemorative Catalog it disappeared in less than 6 weeks. We do not believe that this catalog will have quite the audience because it is not free, but we do believe that we will sell out.  We are not planning to print as many catalogs, because there is a charge and many people just will not pay for a gardening catalog."

The deluge of catalogs gardeners experience every spring and fall has conditioned us to see catalogs as something we should get for free. Can you charge for a seed catalog in an age when they're free and available online? I think so. Those of us charmed by the vintage gardening information included in the commemorative catalog will see a value in the 2012 catalog.

Order the 2012 catalog at or Call 1-800-654-2407.

40% Off Seeds at Renee's Garden

The remaining packed for 2011 seeds at Renee's Garden are marked down to 40% off while supplies last to make room for the 2012 seeds and new varieties that are being introduced. Minimum order is three seed packs.


Johnny's Selected Seeds on Sale

Johnny's Selected Seeds posted a link to their sale page on Facebook. The sales page consists of seeds that have been discontinued but are seeds that are still viable and have high germination rates. The seeds offered on this page of their online seed catalog are mostly vegetables and herbs seeds, but some are as low as $1.00 per pack.

Seeds & Tools on Sale at Johnny's Selected Seeds.

Looking for a seed source or information on starting seeds? Use the search box on this blog and you'll search hundreds of webpages, blogs and seed sellers that I hand select. You can also use the Seed Snatcher search engine here.


Is Seeds of Change Owned by Monsanto?

I know it's spring when blog posts about seed companies and who owns them start getting lots of hits. Recently Google searches to my garden blogs have included people looking for information on who owns the Seeds of Change seed company. "Is Seeds of Change Owned by Monsanto?" is just one of the many queries that lead people to my blogs this weekend. The short answer is, No. Monsanto does not own Seeds of Change.

How can you tell who owns Seeds of Change? You can look at their website for a clue. The website has a copyright/trademark notice that as of today doesn't give you much information. But, if you look at the website you'll see that Seeds of Change is a trademark of the Mars, Incorporated. The same Mars, Inc., that brings us delicious candies like M&M's.

If you're looking for information on starting plants from seeds or saving seeds use my custom Google search engine devoted to information about seeds.  You'll find only the best tips and ideas about planting or saving seeds because I hand-pick the websites, blogs, articles and companies to include.


Are Washington Tree Seeds the Same Size?

I was updating the Seed Snatcher search engine, which you should use to find all your seed company, seed starting and seed saving information, and came across this link. It is a PDF of a 2nd grader's class report on the different kind of tree seeds in Washington. I can't remember what I was doing when I was in the 2nd grade, but it certainly wasn't reports this thorough.


Garden Seeds Under Microscope

Poppy Seed Under Microscope

Have you ever sat and looked at the seeds you sow in your garden? I mean, really looked at the seeds? Is the above a meteor or a seed? I came across this photo blog of things under microscope recently that has a few cool shots of seeds. The picture above is of a poppy seed 40x (1) Coming across this now reminds me that I'll be sowing my poppy seeds this February for spring blooms. This micro photo of a hosta seed really blew my mind. Compare it to what hosta seeds look like to the naked eye. You can find more pictures of seeds and plant life under microscope or buy a print at Micro Photos.


Vintage Seed Catalog Exhibit

The University of Minnesota's Landscape Arboretum is hosting an exhibit of 150 vintage seed catalogs. "Seed Stories: Catalogs of Life and Gardens in America" will run through April 3, 2011. Among the vintage seed catalogs that will be on display will be those of Mrs. Jessie Prior, Miss Emma V. White and Miss Carrie Lippincott. For more information on this exhibit of vintage seed catalogs visit the University of Minnesota website.


Girl Scouts Anniversary Zinnia Seed Pack

Girl Scouts Anniversary Zinnia Seed Pack

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts, the Girl Scouts of the Greater Los Angeles area are entering a float into the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade. A portion of the sale of Girl Scouts Anniversary Zinnia Mix (Zinnia elegans) sold by Renee's Garden will support the building of the float and associated activities. If you'd like to support the endeavor you can purchase the seeds online at Renee's Garden.


Cosmos 'Celebration in Pink' Seed Pack Fights Cancer

There are hydrangeas and even tulips that raise awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer. Now seed-starting gardeners can get in on the act with Botanical Interests' 'Celebration in Pink' seed pack. The seed packet of pink cosmos seeds retails for $4.99 with $1.00 from the sale of every seed pack, between 1/1/2011 through 6/30/2011, going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Here's the press release for the seed pack:

"Celebration in Pink is a cheerful assortment of pink and white cosmos. The seed packets will feature the company’s signature artwork along with the pink Breast Cancer ribbon. Botanical Interests, known for printing information on the inside of its packet, has printed more than just gardening information inside this special packet. Inside, customers will find healthy living tips, including way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into you diet through gardening.

The seed packets will be available from January 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011. The seed company will donate $1 for each packet sold, with a total donation of at least $15,000"

For more information or to buy this seed pack visit the Botanical Interests product page for 'Celebration in Pink.'