Review of the J.L. Hudson Ethnobotanical Catalog of Seeds

When I first came across the J.L. Hudson Seeds website I didn't know what to make of it. Although I haven't sent away for a copy of the seed catalog it is on my list of things to do. Especially after reading this review of the catalog on Arthur Magazine by Mathew Erickson.

Here's a snippet:

"It must be the only seed catalog that has simultaneously appeal to those with a taste for fine printed works, radical politics, early Natural History, botany and gardening practices. The work being done by the company called J.L. Hudson, Seedsman is already well known and loved by plant growers, who have been ordering from the company’s stock for the past 100-plus years. Yet as far as I know, little has been written about the Hudson catalogs themselves, and what they represent aesthetically and politically."

Read the whole review here and visit the J.L Hudson Seeds website.