Blogs by Seed Companies

Here is a collection of blogs maintained by seed companies. Unlike in the Seed Snatcher search engine I will not edit out seed companies based on them taking the Safe Seed Pledge. However, I will only list stand alone blogs. That is blogs not attached to a company's website. The seed blogs listed here are only for information and/or research purposes and should not be construed as an endorsement of their business or seed suppliers.

Renee's Garden Seeds. Blog by Renee's Garden
TM Seeds. Blog by Thompson & Morgan US/Canada
Growing Ideas. Blog by Johnny's Selected Seeds

I will add more as I come across them.

Seed Distribution and Conservation

The price for a packet of seeds can range anywhere from a few cents a packet to a couple of dollars. The prices aren't really outrageous when you consider how much we spend on things that aren't half as useful as garden seeds. Even so, there are ways you can get seeds for free if you participate in various types of projects. Here are a few seed distribution and seed conservations for projects that gardeners and citizen scientist can participate in.

Native Seed Gardeners
Seeds of rare native plants are collected grown and handed out to gardeners to grow. These gardeners then return seeds from the plants they have grown to be used in restoration projects.

free gardening seeds in Chicago

One Seed Chicago
Lets Chicagoans vote for one of three plants and then distributes seeds of the popular vote winner to everyone who voted. Seeds are free and part of a community building project.

free sunflower seeds, great sunflower project

The Great Sunflower Project
Distributes Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds and encourages people to keep track of the bee populations that visit the sunflower.$3.00 fee to pay for shipping of seeds.