SimplySalad Lettuce Seed Pellets

Is there anything easier than growing lettuce from seed? Doesn't seem like it, right? In the mail today I received a sample of what the Ball Horticulture Company hopes will make growing salads even simpler for home gardeners. SimplySalad™ is a mixture of loose-leaf lettuce and greens bred to be compliment each other and look attractive in your containers.

SimplySalad-Lettuce-Seed-Pellets, Ball-Hort

Here is what the front of the SimplySalad™ sample looks like. The lettuce seeds are in the pellets in the clear vial in the upper-left had corner. The instructions say you can sow 3-4 multi-pellets in a 10" container, and 4-5 mult-pellets in 12" or larger containers.


Here's the back of the SimplySalad™ sample pack.

The SimplySalad™ was developed by PanAmerican Seed, a breeding subsidiary of the Ball Horticultural Company. The lettuce seed pellets are currently available through mail-order seed catalog companies like W. Atlee Burpee, Harris Seed, Territorial Seed Co., and others. Home gardeners who do not buy vegetable seeds through seed catalogs will find them in garden centers across America in 2011.

Looking for information on starting lettuce seeds? Do a search of the Seed Snatcher search engine.

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