Pavlovsk Seed Bank Saved, 'Sunflower Seeds' Closed

Two updates on seed-based projects that took social media by storm. 

The Guardian is reporting that Russia has rethought their plan to break up the Pavlovsk seed bank. If you don't know about the Pavlovsk seed bank you can familiarize yourself with its amazing history here. It seems more like an agricultural experiment station, but everyone and their mother describes it as a seed bank. Perhaps the seed bank label helps people understand what it is easier. 

Just days after it opened at London's Tate Modern the installation, 'Sunflower Seeds,' by Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has been shut down. Visitors are only being allowed to see it from a distance. It seems the crowds, who were encouraged to interact with the seeds, were creating a "greater than expected level" of ceramic dust. There were fears that being exposed to the dust could be cause health problems. Too bad, I was planning a trip to snatch one of the 100 million hand-crafted porcelian sunflower seeds. :)

Update 11/13/10: Artist Ai Weiwei is under house arrest read about it here

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