Pensioners Stealing Seeds in England

What's the most stolen item in garden centers in England?

"Recession-hit pensioners are using foil-lined bags to get past old-fashioned security tagging systems and steal thousands of packets of seeds from garden centres, according to a crime expert...Davies says seeds, the most stolen item from garden centres according to a recent survey, have a low profit margin and are often stolen by the elderly who do not see stealing seeds quite in the same light as taking grown plants. "

Yes, old people are stealing and their preferred items are seed packets. I always knew I liked those Brits had good taste. More about the crime wave sweeping garden centers in England at Hortweek. Via: Cristina da Silva at The Real Gardener.


  1. This is simply so hard for me to imagine, but I could see myself doing it if I was in a financial pinch. Incredible!

  2. Hi Ficurinia,

    Petty theft is indeed hard for the average person to imagine, but like you said if you find yourself in a financial pinch one could possibly do it. I wonder if they're stealing edible or ornamental seeds.

  3. Pensioners will remember the war years and rationing, plus they would have grown their own veggies, so it's not all that surprising.

    It's always worth hanging around OAPs (old age pensioners) at an allotment (community garden) because they know so much about growing food.



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