Seeds on Sale at Botanical Interests

botanical interests seed packsOnline seed-seller, Botanical Interests, is having a sale on select varieties of seeds. Seeds packs marked with the blue "SALE" tag are 75% off their normal price. Maybe you don't need seeds now, but you can store them for next year and save a few bucks.

Botanical Interests.

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Pensioners Stealing Seeds in England

What's the most stolen item in garden centers in England?

"Recession-hit pensioners are using foil-lined bags to get past old-fashioned security tagging systems and steal thousands of packets of seeds from garden centres, according to a crime expert...Davies says seeds, the most stolen item from garden centres according to a recent survey, have a low profit margin and are often stolen by the elderly who do not see stealing seeds quite in the same light as taking grown plants. "

Yes, old people are stealing and their preferred items are seed packets. I always knew I liked those Brits had good taste. More about the crime wave sweeping garden centers in England at Hortweek. Via: Cristina da Silva at The Real Gardener.