Selling the "Crisis Garden" is a seed seller that I've come across a few times. They're recently attracted some attention after becoming advertisers on the Glenn Beck show. I first caught wind of them after President Obama was elected and I started getting referrals to the MrBrownThumb blog posts about seed starting from survivalist message boards and blogs.

Their marketing campaign is interesting and this, commercial posted by MediaMatters, gives you an idea why.

While tame by advertising standards if you listen closely you'll be able to hear a couple of dog whistles. Seeds more valuable than gold or silver? I could get behind that. Although, I don't like the fear mongering in vegetable gardening I guess the "crisis garden" is the underground equivalent of the victory garden.

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  1. Hello, I just recently ordered two survial seed packages, hopefully they will last untill i may need to use them if you think about it if the economy fails anytime soon you can use food and other plants as a form of money or barter with this stuff....... alot of people have gotten in my head and started me on the thought that it may really not be to far fetched



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